Empowering women and men alike with time-saving  and time-reversing beauty enhancements, that will allow graceful aging without the need for invasive surgery.



To provide top quality beauty enhancement services in the form of plasma skin treatments and permanent cosmetics.


Serena Herodias, ME.d

A quick snapshot

~  Hawaii Native  ~

~  Permanent Makeup Artist  ~

~  Plasmasthetic Skin Specialist ~

~  Veteran Educator   ~   FOREX Trader  ~

~  Food Safety & Holistic Healing Advocate  ~

~ Philanthropist ~


My Philosophy on Life

Life is such a temporary entity. We don’t have time to waste on things that won’t matter much at the end of it all. Life is more than just about working, paying bills, having fun, and dying. We each have a divine purpose here on earth and it is our responsibility to seek and fulfill that purpose. We are here to make a difference in the lives of others, in whatever capacity that may be – to give, to help, to laugh, to love, to put God and others before ourselves.



Philosophy on Beauty

True beauty comes from deep within.

We are all genuinely beautiful, REGARDLESS of our outward appearance, regardless of what we think about it, and regardless especially of what others may think about it.

Seek to beautify the outer appearance only as a added enhancement to the beauty that is already you.

Simply Aesthetic by Serena seeks only to enhance your God-given beauty while at the same time creating convenience and time to focus on the more important things in life.


A Brief Biography

Called to Serve

Aloha and warmest wishes to you all! Please allow me to humbly introduce myself.

I am just a simple, small-town girl of Filipino-Caucasian decent, born and raised on the west coast of Oahu, Hawaii. I have four beautiful siblings with one who has already made the peaceful transition into the other side of life.

After graduating from an all-girls Catholic school, I went on fly the friendly skies with Continental Airlines as an international flight attendant, and the experience was, of course, fascinating. Traveling the world opened my mind and gave me such a great appreciation for all walks of life on this great planet of ours. However, after seven years of the jet-set lifestyle, I realized this wonderful experience wasn't meant to be a lifelong career. While the position of a flight attendant no doubt serves the public on every single flight, there was a place in my heart that sought to serve and make a difference in a deeper way, although I wasn't quite sure exactly what way that was.

I returned to college and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a double-major in Political Science and Communication. While I had idealistic endeavors of a career in law, God had other plans for me, lol. After what felt like an eternity of soul-searching, I realized the calling of secondary school teacher. So that's what I did. For the past 18 years, I have had the humblest honor to serve my community in this capacity. The majority of my teaching years was spent on the rural west coast of Oahu. Anyone familiar with this part of the island understands the serious and grueling challenges that has created severe and continuous teacher turnover. Nevertheless, my heart was to truly serve and make a difference, so what better place to make a difference than in a community that really needs it. It is this serving heart that pushed and encouraged me to continue on to complete two Masters in Education programs from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

No other job has been more challenging for me personally, nor as rewarding.

So how did a teacher end up as a permanent makeup technician and plasma skin specialist?

Good question, lol. Feel free to read on below.

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From Education
to Aesthetics

How it all began...

When I first heard about permanent makeup back in 1990, I thought, "Wow! Can you imagine waking up makeup-ready to start your day? It would save so much time and eliminate all the worry of losing brow makeup throughout the day!"

Yet, the industry was still fairly new, and the thought of a permanent tattoo on the face was admittedly a little scary. I mustered up the courage to get my very first permanent cosmetic procedure, eyebrows. However, the pigment and techniques weren't nearly as advanced as they are today so my brows looked like someone drew it in with a black sharpie, LOL. Nevertheless, I really appreciated the concept of permanent makeup, and till today, have continued with regular touch-ups.

As a client, I have naturally also appreciated the way the permanent makeup industry has advanced over the years, both in pigment quality and application techniques. Such advancement contributed to the growth in pmu popularity we see today.

It was actually at one of my touch-up appointments that I learned of a micropigmentation certification course starting up soon. As a client who really appreciated her own permanent makeup, and as person who has always loved creating art, the opportunity immediately caught my attention, and, only a few short weeks later, found myself in my first day of class! The rest is history and here I am today, loving life as a PMU artist!

I honestly did not realize the joy it would give me in service of creating beautiful happiness, to the beautiful lives, of beautiful people.

Let's give three cheers to the art of micropigmentation and permanent cosmetics!

Hip, hip, HOORAY!


Once in the permanent makeup industry I was naturally exposed to other beauty enhancing services, but one in particular caught my attention. This was a new type of non-surgical treatment that I had never heard of before that alleged to provide close to the same results of invasive plastic surgery. I found that intriguing.

After doing my due diligent research, I decided to enroll in a Honolulu training class, and was so impressed by the personalized, hands-on training, FDA-approved equipment, and line of service potential. But it is when I experienced in-person observation of treatment results that I was sold. This new type of treatment is a game-changer for concerns of wrinkle saggy skin. As a mature female myself, I also found it exciting.

So here I am today, serving my community and bringing happiness in a variety of ways, to kids, women, and men alike. It is a little challenging trying to juggle the facets of my multiple passions, but I manage. It feels like I will be transitioning into esthetics full-time in the future, but not exactly sure when. Stay tuned and thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better.

Aloha and God Bless!


Simply Aesthetic by Serena


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